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Information on Attachments in Vista

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Karen Miller - Senior Consultant

By Karen Miller - Senior Consultant

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Do You Have Attachment Issues?
Most know that in Vista, you can attach documents to most records within the programs. This is most often used for copies of invoices in Accounts Payable and employee documents in Payroll. But there may be some things that you do not know:
  •  When you attach an item, you should always set an attachment type to the item. This is what secures the attachment and gives the ability to assign access to those users that should be able to see the attachment.
Screenshot of Attachment Form in Vista
  • You can set default attachment types to forms, at the employee and system level, so that you do not have to add the attachment type every time you attach something.
  • You can add PDFs, pictures, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.
  • It can be very easy to drag-and-drop an attachment from emails or from anywhere on your device.
  •  One way of adding attachments is to scan directly into Vista using a scanner. If you are interested in this method, check the Knowledge Base Articles because there are specifications on the type of scanner you need, and at the time of this article there was a known issue with Windows 11 and scanning directing into Vista. Do your research beforehand.
  •  You can view the attachments from the dropdown next to the Paperclip > View Attachments (the window that opens will lock you up and you will not be able to do anything else in Vista, so when you are finished looking at the attachment, close the Attachment Form before moving on to something else in Vista), or you can go to the dropdown next to the  Paperclip > Attachment List to open a section to the right of the screen that lists all of the attachments. This does not lock up anything, you can easily see what is attached, and click on the item that you want to view.
Screenshot of Attachment Lister Selection in Vista
  • And a NEW feature, if you have reports assigned to the form (which is something that can easily be added), under Options > Reports, you can print a report, choose Export, then choose Attach to Form and it will attach a copy of the report to the form.
Screenshot of T&M Report Selection in VistaScreenshot of T&M Report Attach in Vista
This is really great for T&M Billing. If you print the invoice, attach it to the invoice in JB T&M Bill Edit, then you can use the Billing Compiler in Vista Web to pull in that invoice and all the attachments that are related to that invoice. You can remove any unneeded attachments or add other miscellaneous attachments. Then you can download a full PDF of your package or download a zip file. Even though you cannot email it out from the billing compiler at this time, you can save it and email it manually.
Screenshot of Billing Compiler in Vista Web
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