Creating Workflow subfolders using VA Menu Templates

Creating a Workflow in Vista using VA Menu Templates

Creating a Workflow in Vista using VA Menu Templates
Susan Hanly - Associate Consultant

By Susan Hanly - Associate Consultant

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Creating a Workflow with VA Menu Templates
By definition, a workflow is an end-to-end process that helps teams meet their goals by connecting the right people to the right data at the right time.  A workflow moves data (tasks) through a series of steps from initiation to completion. And once a workflow is set up, it helps you to organize information in a way that is not only understandable but also repeatable.

One way to create a workflow in Vista is through VA Menu Templates.  These templates can be used to create subfolders within a module to organize processes and reports.  A subfolder can be created for each step in a process to guide a user in completing a task from beginning to end. 

As mentioned above a workflow lends itself to processes that are repeatable.  Since payroll is a good example of a repeatable process, I will use it in my blog today to show you how to set up a workflow using the VA Menu Templates. 

Below is an image of what the Payroll Module would look like once a user has added all the subfolders created in VA Menu Templates for the Payroll Process Workflow.

Payroll Workflow in Vista
Viewpoint Administration>Programs>VA Menu Templates>Info

Click on the New Folder Icon
Creating a new subfolder in Vista using Viewpoint Administration Menu Templates1.  In the Folder Template Field enter ‘N’ or ‘+’ for the system to default to the   next available number.  Note:  The system begins numbering custom templates at 10,000 to distinguish the custom templates from the standard templates.
2.  Enter a name for the folder in the Folder Title field.
3.  Enter the module to associate the folder within the Module field.  You can use F4 to see a list of all modules.
4.  Check the Active box if you want this template to be available for use when users add subfolders to folders.
Viewpoint Administration>Programs>VA Menu Templates>Menu Items
Adding Forms and Reports to the subfolder created in Viewpoint Administration Menu Templates1. In the Item Type field, click on the drop down and choose either Form or Report.
2. In the Item field, press F4 to get a list of either the forms or reports.  Click on the form or report and press ok.
3. In the Menu Sequence field put a number which will correspond to how that form or report will show up in the subfolder.

The steps above should be repeated for 02 through 10 to complete your payroll workflow.

To set up the Workflow in the Payroll Module the user will navigate to the Payroll Module. With your cursor on the “Payroll”, right click.   Put your cursor on “New” and it will open the subfolder choices.  Click on the newly created step 01 for the Payroll Workflow. 
Adding the Subfolders created in Viewpoint Administration Menu Templates to the Payroll ModuleThis will be added as a subfolder under Payroll.  As you can see in the image below, the forms and reports you added to this template when setting it up in VA Menu Templates will show up in the "01-Start a Pay Period" subfolder.
View of the Reports and Forms in the SubfolderAs always, if you need assistance with any Vista processes, please visit our website for ConstrucTech Consulting to Book a Call with one of our consultants.  To see more Tip Tuesday articles, make sure to check out our ConstrucTech page on Linkedin! All past blogs can be found in the Blog section of our website.

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