Schedule Data Changes for Fields

Stop penciling your reminders and start scheduling your changes!

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Kylie Willoughby - Associate Consultant

By Kylie Willoughby - Associate Consultant

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Schedule Data Changes for Fields

Did you know that you can set a schedule for changing data for a specific field in Viewpoint?   

Awesome, neither did I!

Let’s say that an employee informs you that they are moving in a month and will need to change their address for payroll purposes, you could set the address field in PR Employees to update to the new address automatically on the specified date. 
Come on, let's run through this together.  

1.  Right-click on the field that you wish to change, and the system will display the shortcut menu. 
PR employees right click field in address bar with drop down menu
2.  Select Scheduled Changes.  The system displays the VA Scheduled Changes form. 
VA Scheduled changes form3.  Enter the date for changing data in the Effective Date field, or press the Calendar button to select the date from the Calendar window. 
VA Scheduled changes form effective date
4.  Tab off of the Effective Date field and the system will enable the New Value field.
VA Scheduled changes form New Value field5.  Enter the new data in the New Value field.
VA Scheduled changes form enter new value6.  Save the record
VA Scheduled changes form save record button
The system updates the field with the new data on the effective date that you specified. If you need to update the scheduled change for a field prior to the effective date, just right-click on the field to access VA Scheduled Changes and edit the data in the New Value field.
Note:  If you have created a change for the incorrect date, you will need to create a new record for the correct date and delete the record that you created previously.

Think about all the ways you can use this handy hidden feature. 
  • Deductions/Liability Codes  When SUTA rates change on 01/01/23 or the subject amount changes on FICA on 01/01/23, this allows you to schedule it as soon as you know instead of trying to remember the day of. 
  • Employee Leave Codes  When a single union rate changes, like wage assessments or union dues, mid-year versus first of the year, just schedule it and forget it! 
  • PR State Insurance: Update WC rates if you get them early and they are effective on a certain date. 
  • HQ Tax Rate Updates, PR Employee Craft/Class Changes, and so much more! 
Stop penciling your reminders and start scheduling your changes!
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