Standard Notes can be music to your ears!

Standard Notes in Vista!

Standard Notes
Standard Notes
Susan Hanly - Associate Consultant

By Susan Hanly - Associate Consultant

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Standard Notes in Vista
Did you know that you can setup Standard Notes that can be selected when populating Notes fields in Vista??  You can use the HQ Standard Note task in the Headquarters (HQ) module to create standard notes for frequently used information, such as billing procedures, shipping procedures, special requirements, or company policies.  Once these Standard Notes are set up, they can be pulled into header or item notes in various forms throughout the Vista system (i.e., work orders, change orders, purchase orders, subcontracts).

HQ>Programs>Standard Note>Info
HQ Standard Notes info tab
1.  Standard Note - Enter a code (up to 10 characters) that uniquely         identifies this note.
2.  Description - Enter a description for this note (up to 30                           characters).
3.  Created By - Enter the name of the person who created the note            (up to 30 characters).
4.  Creation Date - Enter the date the note was created.

HQ>Programs>Standard Note>Notes
HQ Standard Note Notes tabIn the Notes tab, enter any miscellaneous notes about this item.   
HQ Standard Notes Notes tabOnce you have entered any miscellaneous notes, with your cursor in the notes field, click on Tools and Spelling to do a spell check. 
HQ Standard Note Notes tabOr you can click on the spell check icon in the Tool Bar!

Now that the Standard Note has been setup in the HQ Module, the Standard Note can be inserted into the Notes field.  

In the Notes tab, right click and choose Standard Notes.
With your cursor in the Std Note to Copy field, press F4.  The Standard Note Lookup box will pop up.  Choose the Standard Note you want and click ok.   If you need to setup a Standard Note you can click on Setup and it will take you to the HQ Standard Note setup screen.
 Once you choose the Standard Note you want and click ok, the Note field will be populated. 

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