Unveiling the Hidden Magic: A Guide to Finding Your Custom Views in Crystal Reports

Unlock the magic of Crystal Reports with our playful guide to finding lost custom views. A tad techy, so consult your IT pro or Crystal Reports designer before diving in.

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Kylie Willoughby - Associate Consultant

By Kylie Willoughby - Associate Consultant

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Unveiling the Hidden Magic: A Guide to Finding Your Custom Views in Crystal Reports

So, you've toiled away creating the perfect custom view in SSMS, onlyquestion mark scratching head to find yourself scratching your head when it  mysteriously disappears in the vast expanse of Crystal Reports. Fear not, fellow data wranglers! We have a nifty little trick up our sleeves that will make you chuckle at its simplicity. Let's embark on a journey to uncover the hidden gem of custom views together. 

The Quest for the Lost View:
Picture this: you're all set with your meticulously crafted custom report, eagerly anticipating the moment you can seamlessly integrate it back into your database fields. You've added the custom view in SSMS, and now it's time to link it back in Crystal Reports. You dive into the Database Expert, locate your "My Connections," select your trusty Viewpoint database, click on dbo, and... something's amiss, but what?  In your quest for the elusive custom view, you're met with a puzzling sight in the Database Expert. Your connections are filled with stored procedures, but your custom view is nowhere in sight. Fret not; here's where the magic happens.Computer Image screen of stored procedures in databaseThe Unveiling Trick:
Take a deep breath, right-click anywhere in the Database Expert under "My Connections," and select "Options."
Options selection on computer screenIn the Data Explorer section, you'll spot a mischievous checkbox labeled "Stored Procedures." Ah-ha! Uncheck that little rascal. I know, it sounds counterintuitive – why uncheck stored procedures when you're on the hunt for a custom view? It's one of those quirky things that only Crystal Reports seems to understand.
stored procedure on computer screenThe Moment of Revelation:
With the checkbox unchecked, click "OK."
computer screen optionsNow, right-click again under "My Connections" and select "Refresh."
refresh button on computer screenBehold! Return to your dbo, and there they are – your custom views and tables, basking in the glory of rediscovery. It's like finding a hidden passage in a labyrinth – perplexing but so very satisfying.
tables and views on computer screenThe Tricky Little Guy:
Crystal Reports can be a sly character, throwing curveballs just when you least expect it. Sometimes, the logic seems to defy reason, but– you've outsmarted the system. That custom view is now at your command, ready to join your selected tables and pave the way for your Crystal Reports masterpiece.
add your custom views on computer screenAnd there you have it – the not-so-secret secret to unveiling your custom views in Crystal Reports. Remember, in the world of data reporting, sometimes you must dance to Crystal Reports' whimsical tune.  So, the next time you find yourself on a wild goose chase for your custom views, just uncheck that pesky "Stored Procedures" box, hit refresh, and watch the magic unfold.
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