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Chase Fortner - Associate Consultant

By Chase Fortner - Associate Consultant

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Did you know that you have access to download custom Crystal, SSRS reports and queries right now? The Viewpoint Customer Portal provides resources for Vista users, one of which is Conceptual Report Packs!
Through the Conceptual Report Package, Viewpoint provides a foundation to assist in getting you started building out your own custom reports and/or inquiries for your specific business needs.

Launch the Viewpoint Customer Portal and select PRODUCTS > Vista
Scroll down to PRODUCT RESOURCES and click More
Select Conceptual Report Packs – Non-Standard (Custom)

Both folders contain report files, queries and other resources!
The queries can be used to develop your own custom reports, inquiries and much more!

Generally Available Non-Standard (Custom) Reports (4 Files)

  • How to add SQL to Crystal Reports, SSRS and Power BI (PDF)
  • SQL Queries for Vista Reporting (PDF)
  • Labor Production Crystal Reports Pack (Zip)
    • Custom JC Job Labor Production Analysis by Phase w/ Period - Legal (Crystal - .rpt)
    • Custom JC Labor Production Factor Trends by Job Range (Crystal - .rpt)
    • Custom JC Labor Production Factor Trends by PM (Crystal - .rpt)
  • Conceptual Report Packs - Crystal Reports (PDF)

BI Module Non-Standard (Custom) Reports (5 Files)

  • Labor Production Reports Pack (Zip)
    • CREATE View [dbo].[JCJobAnalysisCostTypeRPT] (SQL)
    • CREATE View [dbo].[JCJobAnalysisJobRPT] (SQL)
    • JC Labor Production Factor Analysis Standalone Top (SSRS - .rdl)
    • JC Labor Production Todate by Job Cost Tier SSRS - .rdl)
    • JC Labor Production Todate by Job (SSRS - .rdl)
    • JC Labor Production Todate by Phase (SSRS - .rdl)
  • Deployment Instructions-BI Module reports (PDF)
  • Concenptual Report Packs-BI Module (PDF)
  • Operational Reports Pack (Zip)
    • Contract Margin Scorescard (Folder - Multiple Reports)
      • ContractAnalysis-DDBilledAmt (SSRS - .rdl)
      • ContractAnalysis-DDLevel1MarginSC (SSRS - .rdl)
      • JCProfitDD (SSRS - .rdl)
    • PM Document Status Dashboard (Folder - Multiple Reports)
      • PMDocStatus-Compliance (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-Detail (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-Related (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-RelatedSum (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-Submittals Detail (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-Submittals Summary (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-Submittals Tab (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDocStatus-Top (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMSubmittals (SSRS - .rdl)
    • Project Log Dashboard
      • PMDashboard-Compliance (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDashboard-Detail-Person (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDashboard-Detail (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDashboard-Related (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDashboard-RelatedSum (SSRS - .rdl)
      • PMDashboard (SSRS - .rdl)
  • Financial Reports Pack (Zip)
    • AR Analysis Dashboard (Folder - Multiple Reports)
      • ARAnalysisAging (SSRS - .rdl)
      • ARAnalysisBalances (SSRS - .rdl)
      • ARAnalysisCustomer (SSRS - .rdl)
      • ARAnalysisTop (SSRS - .rdl)
    • Essential Financial Statements
      • FR Viewpoint Access (SSRS - .rdl)
      • FRBalanceSheet Graph (SSRS - .rdl)
      • FRBalanceSheet (SSRS - .rdl)
      • FRDetail (SSRS - .rdl)
      • FRIncomeStatement (SSRS - .rdl)
      • FRStatement-Top (SSRS - .rdl)
      • FRStatementofCashFlows (SSRS - .rdl)
    • GL Ledger Close Summary
      • GLLedgerCloseSummary (SSRS - .rdl)
    • VP Weekly Cash Flows
      • Weekly Cash Flows (SSRS - .rdl)

One of my favorite report packs is the PM Document Status Dashboard!
Stay tuned!
We will dive into these report packs deeper in upcoming Tip Tuesday segments.

Get started downloading and deploying reports!
(All you need is your Viewpoint Customer Portal login)
Link: Conceptual Report Package

Don’t know how to deploy custom reports?
Stay tuned for an upcoming tip or reach out to us for help!
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