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Karen Miller - Senior Consultant

By Karen Miller - Senior Consultant

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File Extension Allow List
Have you ever tried to add a website within Vista with an extension that is different from the usual “.com”, “.net”, etc. and it did not let you? We have a “different” extension on our website (www.constructech.io). The “.io” extension is popular in the tech world signifying I/O or input/output in computer science. 
I was training a client on entering a new vendor and went to add our website so that I could show the button next to the web address that you can press to go directly to the webpage. It would not take our web address because it did not recognize the “.io” extension.  
The solution is to go to VA File Extension Allow List, in the “Upload Type” field, press F4 and select “Top Level Domains”.

VA File Extension Allow ListAnd add the required domain extension.
VA File Extension Allow List BThis will allow you to add the website within Vista and when you click on the globe button, it takes you to the website!
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