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Vista's Page Splitter makes short work of multi-page PDF's when attaching to invoices.

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Tim Emerick - Senior Consultant

By Tim Emerick - Senior Consultant

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Vista's new Automatic Invoicing is a great new feature that uses AI to recognize vendor invoices and pre-fill AP Invoice fields.  However, Automatic Invoicing may not be for everyone.  If you would rather scan invoices to PDF and manually enter in Vista then read on.
Have you found yourself in front of the company scanner scanning in AP Invoices one at a time to generate separate files for attaching into Vista?  You may wonder if Vista could split those pages for you, and you know what?  You bet it can!!
To use Vista's Page Splitter, simply scan your stack of invoices in as a single PDF file.  
person at copy machineThen from AP Transaction Entry, click the paper clip icon and Select Page Splitter
screen clip of ap transaction entryFrom the Page Splitter program, click the browse button to find your multi-page PDF.  You can then click the various pages to view them and drag/drop them right into Vista.  To drag/drop multiple pages, simply use Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click to select multiple pages before dragging and dropping.
screenshot of page splitter formThat's all there is to it.  No more scanning in individual pages and having to name them one at a time.

Feel free to reach out if you would like any assistance with Page Splitter or any Vista functionality.  We are pleased to be at your service.
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